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Applications-Packaged Ice Industry

Packaged Ice Industry

Ice is not merely a cooling medium but also special food. The International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) suggests that the packaged ice manufacturers should follow the food safety and sanitation protocols of any food processor. Being one of the world’s premier manufacturers of industrial ice-making equipment, SFT designs stainless steel ice-making systems specifically for applications where ice is consumed as food and meets IPIA recommendations. In a hotly competitive market, SFT’ industrial ice-making and management solutions give our packaged ice customers a distinct advantage. Our patented ice-making technologies deliver consistent, reliable operation performance and maximize productivity and profitability. SFT offers a full line of all types of ice machines ranging from 3 tons to over hundreds of tons per day to suit your needs. In addition to our ice-making equipment, our innovative ice-making systems also include ice delivery, storage, and bagging systems to suit all the needs for building a complete ice plant.

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